Flash fiction: “In my cell”

The inside of my cell feels like home. It’s the only place that I have ever felt comfortable. I don’t know why. Prison shouldn’t feel like this. It was supposed to punish me. It was supposed to scare me away from ever committing another crime. And yet here I am happier than ever.
I guess it’s because in here there’s a routine. Someone’s there to tell me when to do what, when to eat, when to sleep and when to get up. Rarely do I get any days where I get to decide what to do on my own.
Those are the days that I can feel myself returning to my old self.
I guess I need this type of structure in my life, at least if I want to function in society. The only question is how I can achieve that once I am released.
As I sit in my cell, I can think about the outside world, about all the things I want to do once I get out. Then I start to think about what will happen to me.
This is the only place which has ever felt like home.
How am I supposed to find a home out there?


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Flash fiction: “An easy job”

How did I get here? Why did I let things go this far? This was supposed to be an easy job. In and out, nobody was going to get hurt.

How did we end up surrounded by police with no chance of escaping?

”Have any great plans?” Tyler asked me.

”Not yet,” I told him. He stormed out of the room. He was probably going to check up on our hostages.

How did we get here?

I looked out the window, careful not to show any more of my body than I had to.

The police were up to something. They hadn’t moved since we got the first call but now they where.

What where they up to?

Tyler came back into the room and called me over.

”I think I know what to do” He said.

I didn’t like the tone of his voice. It was the same excited tone he had used before we got ourselves into this mess.

”We get everyone to undress, and then we just walk right out of here with them” He pointed towards the room where we held our hostages.

”And how did you think that would work? It sounds like something out of a movie.”

”I will work”

I couldn’t believe what he was saying. How did I ever think that partnering up with this guy was a good idea?

”It’s now or never Mark” He said ”The police are coming through those doors at any minute”

I was never going to work.

How did I get here?

I looked out the window one more time. The group of police that had gathered outside was gone.

Where had they gone?

”Let’s…” That was all Tyler managed to say before he fell dead to the floor. A single gunshot to his head.

A loud bang followed by the screams of people telling me to get down on the floor was the last thing I heard before I raised my gun.

I didn’t have time to pull the trigger.

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The hanging woman #13

”So what did you find out?” Wilson asked Anderson.

”Well, I know that our first victim wasn’t the nice girl her father said she was”

”Why not?”

”Apparently she liked to party a lot, drugs and all. Sarah guessed that she had pissed someone off by not paying.”

”But that doesn’t seem like a reason to kill someone, much less three people.”

”Guess not but it’s something, I think we should check it out. Someone she hung out with might have seen something.”

”Sounds good. Sarah say anything else?”

”Nothing more than that our victim was the sweetest of people.”

”Doesn’t sound like that when you described her nightly activities.”

”Well, just because someone likes to party doesn’t mean that they are an asshole.”

”Alright, well you go and check out the clubs and see if anyone that knows her might have seen something strange and I’ll talk to the captain so that he call to tell the mayor’s office.”

”Scared off being kicked off the case?” Anderson teased.

”A little bit, yes.”

”Alright, see you in a bit.”

Anderson left the station, and Wilsons sat down by his desk and started reading the reports from the M.E:s office. Everything was the same for all three victims. The killer hadn’t left a single piece of evidence.

He must have left something. Wilson thought.

”Wilson!” The captain shouted from his office. Wilson hurried from his desk to answer the call.

”What?” He asked the captain.

”The mayor wants you off the case. Apparently, you didn’t make a very good impression on the suit he sent down. I managed to keep you on for a little while, but please tell me you got something to go on.”

Wilson told the captain what Anderson had found out from Sarah.

”And you let him go alone?”

”He’ll get it done.”

”For your sake, I hope he does. What are you doing?”

”Reading reports, hoping that the crime techs found something on the newest scene.”

”Anything yet?”

”Not much.”

”Well, find something soon, or I can’t let you keep working this case.”

”I will, sir.”

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Flash fiction: “A mother’s betrayal”

Brian was leaving his house when he got the call.

His mother needed him. She always needed him.

He didn’t want to speak to her, not now, not ever. Not since she left his father.

He didn’t answer his phone.

Brians friends where waiting for him at the bar. He would have to speak to them what he was going to do. His mother wouldn’t leave him alone.

Why wouldn’t she leave him alone when he wanted her to?

He never understood why people left, why they would leave someone who so clearly needed their help.

He would never understand his mother no matter how hard she tried to make him understand.

Not that he wanted to.

He had been the one that sat by his father in the hospital. Where had she been? Where had she been when his needed her the most?

She had been out, eating with another man. Making sure that she wouldn’t be alone when Brian’s father died.

He couldn’t believe someone would do that.

He couldn’t believe that she would do that and still think that Brian would want to ever speak to her again.

The worst thing was that she hadn’t even tried to say that she was sorry. Instead, all she had done was say that his father had been a good man.

Like brian didn’t know that.

The only thing his father had wanted on his deathbed was to speak to the love of his life. Brians mother.

And where had she’d been?

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Flash fiction: “Love”

“Why would I do that?” I ask her. “Why would I agree to do something which is that far away from my self-interest?”

She’s standing in front of me. Looking deep into my eyes, trying, if you will, to convince me with those beautiful eyes of hers.

I sigh, loudly, loud enough for her to hear, and she knows she’s got me. Don’t ask me how I know she knows it, I just know.

I sit down in my chair as she sits down in the chair opposite me. She’s going through her plan. I want nothing to do with it. She knew that, but she also knew that I would do anything for her.

She knew I was in love with her, that’s why she was here, asking me, and not anyone else who might be better suited for the job. She’s cruel that way.

She’s done talking. We both just sit there, quiet. I guess she wants me to say something. I have nothing to say.

The whole thing was a bad idea. It was never going to work. Why did I agree to this? I wish for a second that I had never met her, that I had never gone to the bar that night. I wished I had never fallen for her.

She wants to do it next week. Far too soon if you ask me.

This is never going to work.

I don’t raise my concern. I don’t want to dampen her spirit.

She starts talking again.

I sit there and listen as she goes on and on about all the things they are going to do together once we’ve got him back.

My heart breaks with every word. Why would I help her? Why do I love someone who will never love me back?

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Flash fiction:”The house at the end of the street”

They were walking into the house, the lonely house which was the only thing you saw when you exited town.

The house had been abandoned for many years now, and most of the people living in the small town wanted it demolished. Too many people had died there.

Very few people dared to go there, but every now and then a group of teen usually dared themselves to enter.

This night was no different. The place hadn’t had a visitor for almost three years, and it was hungry.

The group of three friends opened the door to the house and looked around for anything which was spooky. Anything which might explain all the stuff they had grown up hearing about the house.

Inside was nothing more than old graffiti covering the walls.

“This would be a cool place to have a party,” Alex said.

“It would, but I doubt anyone would come” Rebecca answered.

“I would,” Jacob said.

They walked around the house for a few more minutes before entering a room which looked like it had once been a dining room.

It was still fully furnished, but the furniture had long since reached its expiration date. A few paintings on the walls looked like families.

“These must be the people who used to own this place,” Jacob said.

“Creepy” Both Rebecca and Alex answered.

“I would have loved to see this place when people where still living here.”

“I wouldn’t. Almost every one of these families died in some strange way. All of them inside this house.”

“I doubt it had anything to do with ghosts,” Alex said.

“You don’t believe this place is haunted?”

“No, most of what has happened here over the years can be explained.”

“How so? Can you explain why five families, all of whom have lived here have been killed?” Rebecca asked.

“Probably someone in the family went insane and killed them all. I know I would have if I lived in a place which is supposed to be haunted.”

“I thought you said you don’t believe in ghosts.”

“I don’t.”

A loud, screeching sound made all three jump.

“What was that?” Rebecca asked.

“Probably just the wind” Alex told her.

They continued looking through the house until they got to the second floor where all the doors where locked.

“Why would these doors be locked?”

“Don’t know, but I know how we can get in,” Jacob said and kicked one of the doors. The whole thing fell off its frame and landed on the floor of the room.

The room hadn’t been touched since whoever lived there last had moved. Everything was just as it once was.

“Now this is cool,” Alex said.

All three of them stepped into the room and started looking around. It was like stepping into another time.

“Can you imagine living like this?” Rebecca asked the others.

“Not really, can you?”

“I would love to try, just think, to live like this without any electricity.”

“I would go nuts without my tv,” Alex said.

The door slammed shut behind them.

“What just happened?” Alex said. “It was broken, it was on the damn floor.”

None answered him. Rebecca and Jacob were both standing in front of Alex and watched as a man appeared behind him.

“You shouldn’t have come here,” The figure said. “You should have listened to the warnings.”

“What warnings?” Rebecca asked

“Your punishment for not listening is this.”

“Is what?” Jacob said with a shaky voice. It was the last thing he said before a noose appeared around his neck and hung him from the ceiling.

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The hanging woman #12

Wilson and Anderson returned to the station. The friend of the first victim, Sarah, was there waiting for them.

”I thought you wanted me to come in as quickly as I could?” She said.

”Sorry, but we got held up” Wilson answered. ”If you follow Detective Anderson here he’ll talk to you” Wilson showed the two of them into an interrogation room before he went and knocked on the door to the captain’s office.

”Come in,” The captain said on the other side of the door. Wilson opened and walked inside. He was greeted by the captain and another man in a suit.

”Who’s that?” Wilson asked and nodded towards the suit.

”Mayors assistant,” The captain said, ”He’s here to find out what we’ve got so far.”

”Well, that’s not going to be possible since we haven’t gotten anywhere yet.”

”Nowhere?” The suit asked, surprised.

”Well, we know that the killer cleans every room except the bedroom where he also kills his victims. That room he leaves covered in blood.”

”He cleans the apartments?”

”Yes, sir, and cuts off the hands and feet of his victims.”

”Jesus Christ, why would anyone do that?”

”Well if I knew that then I would have something to go on,” Wilson said.

”Hey, calm down, none has done anything wrong here,” the captain said, noticing that Wilson was getting upset. Wilson didn’t like being questioned.

”Sorry sir,” Wilson said.

”Now go out there and find whoever is responsible for these killings before this guy get’s you off the case,” The captain said and nodded at the suit. Neither of them cared much that he was there.

Wilson left the office and saw that Anderson had finished his interview and was sitting at Wilson’s desk.

”Did you get any new leads?” Wilson asked.

”A few. What happened in there?”

”Some suit from the mayor’s office was there asking about the investigation.”

”Well, it’s understandable that they have an interest in this case. You remember the last time. Then they sent three guys down.”

”They probably will if we don’t get anywhere soon.”

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